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In 1960, born in Hokkaido, the Kaneta Group began with five people in the factory space 2 pits. One of the attitudes that we have valued since that time is "providing safety." Safe workplace and state-of-the-art technology. If any one is missing, the driver will not be able to step on the accelerator with peace of mind. The pursuit of a happy car life for our customers is our job. The Kaneta Group has many employees who are challenging the world as professionals, such as first-class mechanics and participating in mechanic competitions nationwide and Paris Dakar Rally staff. If possible, I would like those who are new members of start working to always challenge the top class and the world, regardless of the field. The Kaneta Group wholeheartedly supports thisfirststep.

Description of Business

Vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair


We have many maintenance achievements from mini vehicles to large trucks, heavy machinery, rare vehicles, etc.
It is a designated service factory for more than 20 companies.
Each manufacturer is equipped with diagnostic equipment and can be repaired promptly.

Passenger car + truck sales, purchase, leasing, rental car


Abundant lineup of more than 500 units in stock at all times
We sell, purchase, and deliver cars anywhere in Japan.
We have a variety of rental leases and rentals.

Sales of tires, automobile accessories, and used car goods


For tires and wheels, please leave it to a tire qualified person of Us.
We handle car and truck accessories from various manufacturers.
More than 5,000 used truck parts in stock at all times

Accident car repair and sheet metal painting


Painting with the newest color measuring machine is possible for both domestic and imported cars
Accident repair is OK from mini cars to large trucks
It is a designated factory of Property and casualty insurance company.

Track body bodywork and truck dress-up


Desired use, bodywork according to your budget
We also bring in dress-up parts for installation and processing.
Of course, body replacement and crane installation are Welcome!!

Wrecker Road Service


Rush to the site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!!
Everything from motorcycles to large buses and trucks
We handle the latest large tow trucks and transport vehicles.

Industrial waste treatment and reuse (recycling)


Pickup, dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles
Speedy handling of industrial waste that you want to
dispose of and collection of unnecessary items
We will recycle resources with thorough compliance.

Non-life insurance sales and life insurance sales


Financial planning staff will make proposals for you
We are a general agent that handles all insurances.
Free consultation and free quotation are always OK!!

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