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1  Select a Vehicle and Check Its Condition
Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, LowPriced Trucks)
Browse through our inventory using our online stock list.When you find the car or truck you want and are interested in making a purchase, click on it for more info. Learn more on Kaneta Group's information page.

2  Price Inquiry
Ask About the Price
We will estimate the cost of your order as soon as possible and inform you of it via email.

3  Settlement
Settlement and Payment
When a price has been decided upon, you can choose from the following payment options. We accept only Cash, TT (Telegraphic Transfer) and Wire Transfer. We do not accept LC payment at this time. All orders are payable in Yen, USDs or Euros. Your currency will be converted to JPY according to the current exchange rate.

4  We hand you the keys and the vehicle is yours!
You are ready to drive! You get the key to your vehicle.
After your payment has been received, you just have to pick up your purchase.

 Shipment Export Procedure
Shipment and Export Procedure
We are sorry , but we are unable to help with shipments or export procedures. We do, however, offer assistance in some cases. Please ask a sales director for more information. (Firsttime business partners may not apply)
Please refer to the following list of recommended shipping companies:

    Green Cargo co,Ltd.
    Address : 8181 C2,Hanasakicho,Narita
        Chiba 2860033,Japan
    TEL : +81476203966
    FAX : +81476203967
    HP :

Kaneta Group maintains a strict noreturns policy on all sales.
Once you receive your car and take it to your country, you cannot return it to us. We are sorry about our inflexibility in this regard.

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